What are marine electrical appliances?


What are marine electrical appliances?


       Electrical appliances for ships. With the increasing degree of ship electrification and automation, the power of ship power station is increasing, and the role of marine power distribution equipment (such as various fuses and circuit breakers) is becoming more and more important. In addition,

various marine power equipment, such as steering gear, windlass, winch and winch, etc., have complex working conditions and large load changes, so the marine control appliances used in the electric drive of the ship (such as 
All kinds of contactors, relays, controllers, master electrical appliances,

resistors and rheostats, etc.) also have higher requirements.


It is used to connect the circuit after the moving contact on the ship is closed with the static contact on the left. When the relay is subjected to strong impact, the two steel balls absorb the impact energy and generate a force to move towards the middle, and push the jumper to move along the direction

of arrow a. the lower end of the ball presses the contact, which limits the bounce movement of the moving contact or the misoperation of the jumping away from the static contact, so as to ensure the reliable operation of the contact system under the impact.